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Norton Product Key

Norton ensures that its users exclusively experience its best-in-class security that is packed with cutting-edge features. For this, it undertakes every possible precautionary measure. One of them is allotting every user with a unique reference code called “Norton Product Key”.

What is Norton Product Key?

With “Norton Product Key”, this reliable brand takes utmost care to guarantee the availability of its unrelenting security cover solely for its users. This unique reference code is very easy to identify. It consists of a string of 25 alphanumeric characters which appears as a combination of five groups. Each group contains five characters. These groups are separated by hyphens. 

“Norton Product Key” is like a unique code that holds all the information related to the subscription terms of your purchased product. In other words, it contains all the details that determines the usage terms for this service. Apart from that, it is extremely crucial for activating your subscription. You can get this code only after purchasing your preferred Norton Product.

How To Locate Norton Product Key?

Norton Product Key

Once you purchase any of the available Norton Product, you get a distinct Norton Product Key. Its location primarily depends upon the mode of purchase. Irrespective of that, it is very convenient to acquire this code. 

Acquire The Code Before Activation

With Online Purchase

One of the most reliable sources of purchasing a Norton Product is its official website. In other words, you purchase the product directly from “”. In this case, you get a “Purchase Confirmation Email” on your registered Email Address. This Email is a confirmation that you have purchased the product by making the required payment. It contains all the required information related to the purchase which includes your Norton Product Key. For this, you simply have to “Norton login” to your Norton Account via Then, open this Email. Here, you must check beneath “Product Information”. In this way, you can easily locate the required code.  

With Offline Purchase

On the contrary, if you choose to purchase your preferred Norton Product from a physical store. Then, you will not get any confirmation mail. Instead, you may get an “Installation CD” or a “Retail Card”. In other words, you may find the required code in either of these locations. As such, check the back side of the “Installation CD Case” for a sticker which contains the 25-digit code. Alternatively, look for it on the “Retail Card” which comes in the product’s box.

Acquire The Code After Activation

Once you have activated your purchased subscription, it adds the product to your User Account. In other words, your Account contains the required Norton Product Key. As such, you can easily acquire the code from this location even after activating your product. For this, simply access your Norton Account. You must log in to the same through the Installed Application or the official website. On its User Interface, select the “My Subscription” button. Thereafter, look for the purchased product and select it. Beneath that, you will notice the required code.

How To Use Norton Product Key?

Norton Product Key

The primary function of Norton Product Key is to assist in the activation of your purchased subscription. 

  1. In the very first place, you must bring up a commonly available Web Browser. For example, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari etc. 
  2. Then, launch the official website of Norton. For this, use the correct URL which is “”.
  3. Now, locate the highlighted tab that says “Enter A Product Key”. It is located at the window’s middle section. As such, select it. 
  4. In the following window, it requires you to establish your Norton Account. As such, choose the “Create An Account” option. Then, accurately provide your Profile Information. This includes your Name, Email Address etc. Along with that, give a unique and strong Password for securing your Account. Thereafter, click on “Create Account”. After that, bring up the Email received from Norton. Then, verify your Email Address. 
  5. Next, you must get back to its Account Creation window. Here, you must provide your registered Email Address and Password for Norton Account. Then, log in to it. 
  6. Thereafter, select the “Get Started” tab from the following Norton Account Portal. 
  7. After that, click on the highlighted button that says “Enter A Product Key”.
  8. Subsequently, you must accurately supply the unique 25-digit code i.e. the Norton Product Key.
  9. Then, click “Next” to conclude this process.