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What is Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus – Norton has earned a huge name in the field of antivirus and internet protection industry. This antivirus software is designed to detect and eradicate computer viruses along with the brand new threats entering into your device. It is a powerful software that comes in a complete package stuffed with high-end security features that protects you from unauthorized access. Norton antivirus software scans your computing device on a regular basis so that you can easily surf, shop, or download files and open an email without being traced by the hackers or frauds. Moreover, this software is provided with automatic so that you can enjoy all its recently launched and upgraded features and services. 

The best part is that this software is easy to use and install on your computing devices. You don’t require much technical knowledge to access the features of this outstanding software. Moreover, it offers a 30 day free trial to the users who are using it for the first time. Users can easily get access to this antivirus software just after completing the norton setup. Once you complete the setup process of Norton antivirus you can access its features such as parental control, safe webcam, identity theft protection, and more.

Why choose Norton antivirus?

Norton Antivirus

Norton is the antivirus software that comes up with an improved and robust-security solution to protect your device against the cybercrimes, scams, fraud, etc. It is also well-known in providing world-class cybersecurity solutions to all your computing devices. Getting this software installed into your system, you can keep your confidential information and all your online transactions secure from unauthorized access.

Norton antivirus software provides different plans that fulfill the needs and requirements of the users. You can purchase the plans that suit best for the operating system that you are using. Just by purchasing one single subscription of Norton, you can get control of up to 2 or more devices. It also provides you with extraordinary support services that will help you whenever you face any difficulty while accessing or installing the software. Along with this, it also provides different tutorials that provide you instant guidelines for norton setup. Once you have purchased the Norton subscription it will automatically renew it before it ends so that you can continue using the uninterrupted services of Norton software. Just in case, you are not satisfied with the services of the Norton, it gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee to the users with the annual purchase.

How to create my Norton Account?

Norton Account

Norton account is an online platform that gives you access to its extraordinary features with a top-class security solution. Just by accessing the Norton account, you can change your personal information whenever required so as to protect from unauthorized access. You can also purchase or renew your purchased subscription just by signing in to your account. Also, it notifies you whenever the new software updates are available to protect your device by using its newly launched features with advanced technology. 

To help you out with registering your Norton login account for the first time for, follow these steps. 

  • First of all, launch the most commonly used web browser and input the web URL into the address field. You can also access the official website of Norton to create your account.
  • On the page that displays on your screen, drag your cursor and click on the Sign In tab. 
  • Now, opt for the Create an account tab and then step forward by filling in all the necessary details. For this, you have to fill in the details such as Email Address, Re-type Email Address and then build a safe and secure password for your account. Along with this, input your complete name and then add the mobile number correctly in the assigned fields.
  • Go through the Privacy Policy link carefully and then simply press the Create an account tab. 
  • Finally, you will receive an email confirmation mail open and verify it by clicking on the Verify tab.

How to Download Norton?

Download Norton
  • Launch a web browser- Initially, you have to launch any of the web browsers that are easily available on your computer or laptop. There are some of the common web browsers that you can use i.e Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.
  • Visit the official webpage of Norton- For reaching the main webpage for the, you need to move to the official website of Norton. For this, simply type in Place your cursor and click on the Products & Services tab. You will be presented with the latest and upgraded version of the Norton product key. As such, make the appropriate choice according to your needs and preferences. Choose the product and click on Subscribe Now.
  • Access the Shopping Cart Window- You will now be displayed with a shopping cart window on your computer screen. Step forward by clicking on the Proceed to Secure Checkout tab from the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • Input your Norton Login Credentials– The next window that appears asks you to enter the login credentials that you have assigned while creating your account for the first time. Then, move ahead by clicking on the Sign In tab.
  • Fill in the Billing information- Thereafter, you have to fill in all the billing information correctly in their corresponding fields. When you are done with filling in all the mandatory details then proceed further by placing an order.
  • Open your Norton account– You are then supposed to access your Norton account where you will get the download link, press on it. And then, press the Agree & Download tab to conclude the downloading process for the

How to Install Norton?

Install Norton
  • You can install the Norton software either from the online downloaded file or from the installation CD. 
    • Installation Through CD- In order to install the Norton software you first have to take out the installation CD that you get along with the product while purchasing offline. After this, insert the CD into the system’s CD-ROM Drive properly. It will prompt you with the setup window, click on it to move further. As such, it will automatically download the software on your computing device.
    • Installation Through Downloaded File– Once you have downloaded the Norton product online, search for the setup file. To do so, you have to access the download folder and simple double-click on it to begin the installation for  
  • Once you have downloaded the software either through downloaded file or through installation CD you will see a User Account Control window right in front of you, click Yes. 
  • Now, you will be taken to the new window of Norton Installer where you will get the link for Norton License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Deeply study both the documents and then close the window after reading and return back to the installer window. 
  • In the end, place your cursor and click on the Install tab. This will instantly start installing the Norton software into your computing device.

How to Activate Norton?

Activate Norton

Points To Remember while activating Norton subscription for

To activate the Norton subscription, it is important that you must have a product key. It is a series of 25 digit alphanumeric characters that you can acquire in the order confirmation mail at the time of Just in case you have bought a retail product then scratch the silver lining on the retail card to acquire the product key. 

  • Reach the Norton activation webpage – To start with the process, you first have to reach the Norton activation web page. For this, launch the upgraded version of the internet browser on your system and in the address field simply enter the URL Proceed further by pressing the Enter a product key tab. 
  • Sign In to your Norton account- The next step is to either sign in to your account or to set up a new account. To login to your Norton account simply input the correct login credentials that are associated with the account. After entering the details, locate and click on the Sign In tab.
  • Enter 25 digits alphanumeric Norton Product Key- You will be redirected to the Norton Activation page where you have to enter the Norton product key. Copy and paste the product keycode from the email if you purchase it online. Otherwise, type the product key very carefully into the specified field by copying it from the retail card. Re-check the product key twice after entering and click on the Arrow key. With this, the process of activating your Norton subscription ends.

How do I change my Norton account password?

Norton Account Password

Nowadays, guessing a password for any of the account portals for the hackers is not a very big task. So, as to protect yourself from scams and frauds or from unauthorized access, changing a password for your Norton account is a must.  

Access the Norton sign in page by using the web address i.e Tap on the Sign In button and after that, fill in the registered username in the text field. In the corresponding field, input the passwords carefully, as they are case-sensitive and press Sign In. 

Subsequently, navigate the profile icon and click on it. You are then supposed to press the Personal Information tab. From the next screen that opens right in front of you, select the edit icon next to the password field. You are then required to firstly enter the current password. After this, construct a safe and secure password for your Norton account. Also while creating a password make sure it should include a maximum of 8 characters including both the uppercase and lowercase letters. Re-type the same password exactly in the corresponding text box to confirm the same. Lastly, click on the highlighted Change Password tab to access your account with the help of recently created passwords.

How to renew Norton subscription

Renew Norton subscription

Renewal of your Norton Subscription is mandatory for every user in order to continue the subscription of the Norton before it ends. To do so each subscriber of the Norton product has to go through this renewal process monthly, annually or sometimes more depending upon the subscription they have purchased. 

To renew it, you basically have two different methods, one is automatic renewal and the another one is manual renewal. Many users prefer the automatic renewal as it involves less time and effort. It renews the subscription before it comes to an end so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while accessing this software.

On the other hand, to renew it manually, firstly you have to sign in to your Norton account using the appropriate login credentials. Here, you need to ensure that the login credentials must be linked with the account. Further, you have to click on the Device Security option from your account’s portal. You are then supposed to click on the Renew option. Later on purchase your Norton product as per your needs. Once the purchasing part is over, your Norton subscription will be renewed instantly. You can then easily access all its extraordinary features to safeguard your confidential information from the hackers and frauds.

How to Reinstall Norton?

Reinstall Norton

Sometimes the users might face difficulty while installing the Norton subscription or they have downloaded the corrupted file of Norton that is not working on your system. So, to resolve these issues users are advised to re-install the Norton product for 

To do so, you can either reinstall the software manually or with the help of Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. To reinstall using the tool you need to download it and then run it on your system. Further, it removes the previously installed file and reboots your device. Later on, it installs the software on your device successfully.

Instructions to re-install the Norton software manually 

  • Uninstall the Software– To reinstall Norton software manually, initiate the process by uninstalling the Norton software that you have installed earlier. For this, access the control panel and look for Programs and Features. Further, search the already installed file of Norton and then right-click on it and press the Uninstall Software option. 
  • Download the Norton Software- Once your software is uninstalled successfully you have to download the software. You can download it via the download link that you receive in your Norton account. 
  • Installation of Downloaded setup file of Norton– The next step is to  install the software by double-clicking on the setup file of Norton. In case you are installing it on a Mac device you might be asked to insert the login credentials. Enter the same correctly. And then, have a glimpse on the License Agreement.Users are now supposed to click on the Install tab. 

Activate your Norton product Using the Norton Product Key– Once it is installed successfully, activate your product through the product key that you get while making the purchase. Follow the process explained above to activate your Norton subscription.